Top 5 Canva Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Master the top 5 Canva tips and tricks for captivating Instagram content and social media marketing. Elevate your designs, stories, and carousels!

Written by
Samantha Penning
August 23, 2023

Social media marketing is an essential element to any brand, and with leading platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube, you need visual storytelling to connect and engage with your audience. That's where Canva tips and tricks come in – the game-changers that can set your brand apart and streamline your content creation. From crafting impeccable designs to creating captivating carousels and engaging Instagram stories, this blog will explain the top five Canva tips and tricks, including tools, settings, and other features.


The most frustrating thing is exporting a design and then realizing something is out of place, or the spacing between two items isn’t quite even. If only there were a solution! Allow Tidy Up to enter the chat. With a few clicks, you can have your Instagram posts and other content double-checked for spacing and alignment errors. It isn’t perfect for every instance, but in most cases, it helps ensure everything is in the right place.

How To Use Tidy Up:

  • Select all objects you wish to align
  • Click "Position" at the top
  • Choose "Tidy Up"
  • Click your design to send away the dropdown
  • Voila!


There is just something about swiping through a seamless Instagram carousel that gets me every time. Aligning your design and images correctly is crucial to that captivating swipe. Using Guides ensures you know exactly how your design will look when you go to post. If you want to enhance the quality of your carousel images, check out our blog on iPhone photo tips that can take your content to the next level.

How To Use Guides:

  • Click "File" at the top of the page
  • Then go to "View Settings" > "Add guides"
  • Choose "Custom"
  • Select the number of columns based on the size and number of slides
  • Change "Gap" and "Rows" to 0 px
  • Then apply!


The content possibilities are endless with the Canva Background Remover tool. What used to require other design software can now be done with this Canva trick! My favorite way to use it is layering photos with text to create a multi-dimensional image that adds depth and intrigue to your visuals.

How To Use Background Remover:

  • Apply two copies of the photo you want to use on your project
  • Click on the top photo and apply the "Background Remover"
  • Adjust sizing to line up with the other photo
  • Apply text, other elements, or graphics
  • Click on "Position" > "Layers"
  • Move the photo with the Background Remover to the top of the project
  • Leave the other elements in the middle and the original photo in the back
  • Adjust as needed!


It is no secret that the fonts provided in the Instagram app are limited. By exporting things with the transparency setting on Canva, you can use their library of fonts to keep social media content branded and attention-grabbing. The possibilities are endless with this Canva trick for Instagram stories! This feature can be used to create custom stickers and elements for any of your Instagram stories.

How To Use Canva Fonts:

  • Choose the font and create the copy for your story
  • Tap "Download"
  • From the File type dropdown, select "PNG"
  • If your design has multiple pages, select the ones you want to download from the dropdown and tap "Done"
  • Tick "Transparent" background
  • Save to camera roll
  • When posting your IG story, click the "Photo Icon" to add

Pro Tip: Keep your elements saved in an album on your camera roll to be used anytime you post a story.


So now it's time to show off the beautiful Instagram posts you've created with these new Canva tips and tricks! One of the best features of Canva Presentations is the ability to copy and paste live, interactive Instagram posts into your presentation. This incredible feature showcases your creativity and strengthens your presentation game, leaving a lasting impression on any client you are presenting to.

How to Present Instagram Posts in Canva:

  • Have your slide open in Canva
  • Open the Instagram web browser and open the post you want to share
  • Copy the URL from the navigation bar
  • Paste it into your Canva slide
  • The post will automatically generate; double-click to interact

As you explore Canva's arsenal of tools, including AI tools, for Instagram and other social media marketing platforms, remember that the possibilities are limitless. From crafting compelling stories to designing eye-catching posts, you're equipped to make a lasting impact on your audience. Social media affects the travel and hospitality industries, making effective digital presence more important than ever.

For all your social media marketing and graphic design needs, Delicious Digital Marketing is here to assist. Let's collaborate and bring your brand's vision to life on the digital screen. Contact us today!