Grow & Accelerate Your Philanthropy’s Impact

We take a holistic-based approach to develop powerful creative, scalable growth strategies, and targeted communications that connect with individuals across their entire supporter journey: from awareness and recruitment to fundraising and advocacy, and every touchpoint in between.

What We’ll Help You Achieve…

  • Activate A Data-Driven Strategy 
  • Identify Your Target Supporters
  • Optimize Marketing Efforts
  • Effectively Manage & Monitor Digital Presence
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Maximize Google Ad Grant Spend & Prove Impact
  • Build a Stronger Connection With Your Mission & Audience
  • Drive High-Quality Visitors & Active Supporters
  • Acquire New Registrants, Donors, Supporters, & Volunteers
  • Drive Engagement & Loyalty at Every Step
  • Increase Fundraising, Recruitment, & Donations
  • Achieve Higher ROI 
  • Measure & Prove Community Impact
  • Reach Revenue & Awareness Targets

We Support All Types of Philanthropy Brands

Our end-to-end marketing services give nonprofit brands the power to engage and activate supporters every step of the way. Whether you’re a community-based nonprofit or a multinational organization, our specialized teams can help your impact grow. We work with the following types of philanthropies:

  • Nonprofits
  • Philanthropists
  • Advocates
  • Educators
  • Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

How We’ll Help You Overcome Your Challenges

Discover, Attract, & Connect With Your Audience

To better understand the context and considerations that shape your current positioning challenges, we begin with a research-based discovery phase and work from the inside out. First, a deep dive into your organization will allow us to uncover insights into your target audience's needs, behaviors, barriers, and beliefs. 

Additionally, we audit other organizations in and around your philanthropy space, bringing all findings together into a thoughtful strategy that informs the direction of your philanthropy brand. Finally, we’ll build your creative campaigns on a solid foundation – getting into the minds and hearts of your audience to understand what makes them tick and then develop concepts and initiatives to inspire their actions.

Engage Your Audience With Personalized Marketing

With a solid understanding of your organization’s various audiences, we’ll create and launch different messaging approaches your brand can use to connect with each one of them. We’ll address their needs, give them reasons to believe in your cause, and develop storylines and content approaches that resonate best with them. 

From social media campaigns to cross-channel activations and brand building to fundraising, it all starts with audience insight, an idea, and the experience to bring it all together. We plan, create, and launch creative campaigns that meet your goals and inspire your different audience types.

Get New Donor Acquisition + Donor Retention

Nurturing and retaining your core supporters is a critical aspect of fundraising success, but it’s not the only one. It’s important to gain new supporters to build your mission, grow your base, and expand your impact. We help recruit new leads and donors based on individuals and communities who are highly likely to give. 

With these audience insights, we’ll develop the strategies to attract and retain these new donors and help transform them from one-time supporters into long-term advocates. We harness the power of original creative, proven fundraising tactics, and automation to ensure we’re reaching the right donors at the right times to build, cultivate, and upgrade your monthly base.


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We love projects that challenge us and force us to think out of the box. We'll never do work that's generic or follow trends blindly. We’re passionate about thoughtful projects that tell a story.


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“Hiring Delicious Digital was one of the best moves we've made! They think outside the box, use proper data-based methods, keep us growing, and are genuinely a joy to work with!”
Chris McWatters
Owner at Bayou City Tri-Series
"We hired DDM to get our digital marketing strategy up & going. They designed our logo, business cards, trade show materials, & developed our ad strategy. They provide prompt service & answers to our questions with results & timelines. We truly feel they're a part of our team."
Monique Young
General Manager at Discovery Belize
"Working with Delicious Digital was a dream! They understood my vision and delivered above and beyond throughout the process. Delicious Digital helped us finally create a website that represents the impact we are trying to make at our firm."
Stephanie Campbell
General Partner, The Artemis Fund
"These folks are great to work with, very knowledgeable, and know what needs to be done for you to be successful. It is not easy to make it in such a competitive industry, and Delicious Digital helped make sure I stood out from the rest. I cannot recommend them enough!"
Robyn Dabney
"I own Fitzhugh Brewing and we have been working with Delicious Digital off and on for almost a year now. They have been nothing but amazing. Everyone I have worked with has been so quick to respond, nice to work with, and very good at their job. We are very happy with this company and hope to continue working with them for a long time."
Kerbey Smith
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