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Implement a visually appealing, high-converting website that looks great and performs

Superior website design and user experience don’t just happen by chance. The key to a high-functioning, easy-to-use website is in the process. At Delicious Digital Marketing, every website project starts with a comprehensive discovery process that solidifies the vision, goals, and key milestones. 

We collaborate with you to build a project plan that defines the approach and communication regarding the schedule, as well as a creative brief that outlines the brand, personality, competitors, and target audience that the website serves. 

We make sure you attract the right leads, your customers find everything they need to know on the website, encourage them to stay on it longer, impress them with your creative design, and ultimately convert. 

Your website is one of the first ways a lead or prospect interacts with your business, so don’t leave that first impression to chance.

Website Service Details

Website Strategy & Content

Before creating composite website designs, we first collaborate with you on the sitemap and wireframe - where strategy and functionality are defined. These concepts will guide the visual direction of the website and establish the “big idea” before the details of shape, color, and typography come into play.

 We also perform and develop a technical SEO audit to ensure all content, script, image, and video is optimized and algorithm compliant. We make sure that all of your site pages will rank and that your site has specific conversion paths for your users to follow.

 From on-page content development and optimization to metadata refinement, our specialists work with you to build a website that attracts qualified traffic, delights your audience, converts leads, improves your bottom line, and enhances your customer base.

We Provide
  • Sitemap & Wireframe Strategy
  • Visual Direction & Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit & Implementation
  • On-page Content Development/Copywriting
  • On-page Content Editing (if content is provided)
  • Photography & Video

Website Design

We create beautiful, easy-to-use websites that have your customer experience in mind. Our team of designers can create customized pages for your site to help incorporate stronger design and functionality. 

 We’ll leverage beautiful aesthetics to build your credibility and incorporate conversion rate optimization to generate revenue at all hours of the day. In addition, our designers will work with your team to create websites that make sense to your target prospects and positively impact your brand’s bottom line.

We Provide
  • Custom Wordpress, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix Sites
  • Creative Design
  • User Experience (UX)

Web Development

The website design is brought to life with working functionality, content, and quality assurance testing during the web development phase. Websites are coded using a CMS (Content Management System), allowing for the most user-friendly experience in content addition and editing. 

We ensure your site is responsive so desktop, tablet, and mobile visitors all have a first-in-class experience. Testing includes cross-browser and mobile device compatibility. 

Your website launch phase finalizes the operational portion of pushing the site live and onto the server. We’ll provide your team guidelines and training to ensure that your team is comfortable using the CMS - so you can focus on growing instead of the technical details.

We Provide
  • Coding: CSS, Java, HTML
  • Responsive/Mobile Compatible 
  • Custom Widgets
  • Backend Development
  • Post-Launch Training

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