Cortney Lebens

Chief Executive Officer & Owner
Cortney is a successful entrepreneur, social innovator, business executive, mentor, and philanthropist. From a small town in the Texas Hill Country, she possesses a strong work ethic that propelled her to become the CEO of two significant businesses before the age of thirty. In 2014, she launched Muy'Ono Resorts and expanded the business from a single resort to the largest hospitality company in Belize. As the Chief Executive Officer of Muy'Ono, Cortney created a company culture and collaborative work environment that has enabled continued growth and success. With a diverse set of businesses under her belt including a thriving marketing capability in Belize, the most logical next step was to launch a female-led digital marketing agency. Delicious Digital Marketing was created to provide innovative solutions and generate superior returns on investment for hospitality, lifestyle, and leisure brands all over the world. Cortney is a values-oriented leader whose mission is to inspire and mentor young professionals to grow both professionally and personally. As Chief Executive Officer of Delicious Digital, she is responsible for overseeing business strategy and operations, driving profitability, and enabling growth. When Cortney is not in the office, she can be found on a boat or beach somewhere warm. She enjoys travel, fitness, fashion, food, and live music.