5 SEO Must-Do Strategies To Optimize Your Website

Written by
Monique Lorette
June 13, 2023
What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the strategy that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or bing use to bring organic traffic to your site. The search engines use different techniques to scan your website to see if 1) your content is relevant, 2) your content is trustworthy 3) your content delivers quickly.  

Why is SEO important to your website?

Your site drives invaluable traffic by utilizing SEO strategy and tools because these users are outwardly looking for your services or product.

5 SEO Must-Do Strategies to Optimize Your Website

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Search engines run efficiently by keyword optimization. That is why it is the #1 step when creating an SEO strategy—understanding your product and your target audience can help develop a keyword list. There are many helpful tools online to understand what people are searching for and which competitive terms you can apply to your website.
  3. Title and Meta Description
  4. After a list of keywords is compiled, it is essential to make sure these competitive keywords are prominent in each page's titles and descriptions. The first steps to ensuring optimized titles and descriptions are making them unique, embedding the popular keywords into the descriptions, and making the descriptions informative and interesting enough for a user to click on.
  5. Content Creation
  6. It is not enough anymore to create a page that has basic information on it. A developer must be more strategic about the content they produce and how they write the content. Google is a brilliant search engine. They understand users' intent when searching and will provide them relevant content based on their search.
  7. Thinking about the search intent of the users is one of the most important approaches when developing content. There are four different types of search intent that google scans for
  8. Informational: the user is looking for specific information. Ex: "What is the largest collection of resorts in Belize?"
  9. Navigational: the user is looking for a specific website, etc. Ex: "Muy'Ono Resort"
  10. Commercial: the user is looking for a product but doesn't know what they are looking for yet; ex: "resort in Belize."
  11. Transactional: The user knows which specific product they are looking for and are ready to buy it. EX: "book Thatch Caye."
  12. It is always essential to keep these in mind when you want users to enter your site or a specific page.
  13. Optimize Your Backend
  14. Search engines scan many other items to ensure your site is reputable and functioning properly to send potential users to. Some things that could hinder site speed are large image files not internally linking to other areas of your site. Optimizing the function of your website will ensure a better user experience.
  15. Word Count
  16. This is one of the most simple SEO strategies to implement on your site. Write more! Google loves long-form content. It is prioritized in the search engine. This is also a great way to imbed lots of competitive keywords that Google can scan. The longer the word count, the more traffic your site will see. To be safe, never have any content lower word count than 300+

Search Engine Optimization is multifaceted, highly strategic, and extremely helpful to drive traffic to your site.

Thankfully, Delicious Digital Marketing can help optimize your site and provide insight to drive traffic.