Case Study:

The Artemis Fund Website

Delicious Digital helped The Artemis Fund increase their website traffic by 58% YoY through a revamped website that is a much stronger testament to their approach, advantages, & company story.

The Artemis Fund
June 13, 2023
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The Challenge:

Artemis is a venture capital firm on a mission to diversify the face of wealth. They believe the future of financial services and commerce will be written by diverse entrepreneurs. They lead seed rounds in disruptive fintech, e-commerce tech, and care-tech companies founded and led by women.

The Artemis Fund wanted a fresh website that aligned with their business. As a venture capital fund focused on partnering with female founders, they wanted a website that was sleek, attention-grabbing, and showcased the amazing women they work with. We used their brand guide to develop various design options, eventually deciding on a geometric style.

The Solution: A Revamped Website

We interviewed The Artemis Fund key stakeholders to identify their wants and needs for the website. They had a website on Squarespace and wanted to stay on Squarespace. Their primary website goal was to increase the number of subscribers. We were instructed to focus website content on the founders who have partnered with The Artemis Fund. The development team also researched competitors' website styles and language.

The largest problem identified was how to be clear who The Artemis Fund is while focusing the content on the founders supported by the business. A secondary problem was that the client needed more information from subscribers to adequately communicate but Squarespace subscriber forms didn’t allow for it.

We used Adobe Creative Suite to create banner images and JavaScript to build out the geometric shapes spanning multiple sections. We also used Java Script to further customize the mobile experience beyond what Squarespace is capable of providing.

We increased the amount of copy throughout the website both to improve customer understanding of the business but also to improve SEO.

We provided four versions of the website before deciding upon the final design. We met with the client every other week for updates and finished the website in an 8-week period from research to execution.

The Focus:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve website SEO & content
  • Increase traffic to The Artemis Fund website
  • Improve website design & functionality
  • Grow website subscribers

The Results: 58% Increase in YoY Website Traffic

Our marketing, design, and development teams, in collaboration with The Artemis Fund leadership, redesigned their current website and helped them develop messaging to educate their prospects and create more opportunities for qualified subscribers.

The new website has a clear path for potential and existing tech innovators. The main menu helps users locate the content they’re looking for and is easier to navigate after grouping content into a cleaner architecture. The optimized SEO content on the front end and back end of the website has helped The Artemis Fund increase its Google Search position and rankings.

Ultimately, the revamped website is a much stronger testament to their venture fund solutions, unique advantages, and company story. Below are some of the results seen by the updated website within the first three months of launch:


  • +58% Increase in Website Traffic YoY
  • +61% Increase in Unique Website Visitors YoY
  • +41% Increase in Pageviews YoY
  • +21% Increase in Organic Website Traffic YoY