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Case Study:

Muy'Ono Resorts Real Campaign

Delicious Digital helped Muy'Ono Resorts increase their monthly website traffic by 26% YoY through the "Be Real" digital marketing campaign that incorporated paid ads, organic social media, video, email, & more.

Muy'Ono Resorts
June 13, 2023
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The Challenge

Muy’Ono Resorts, a collection of nine resorts in Belize, was facing two main problems during Q1 of 2021.

1) Despite being around for seven years, they had very little brand awareness.

2) Even as people began to travel again post-covid, they still weren’t confident in international travel.

Delicious Digital Marketing’s objective was to create a unified campaign that strengthened the brand awareness of Muy’Ono Resorts and made people feel confident traveling internationally post-covid, specifically to Belize. In order to truly stand out among the competition, Delicious Digital wanted to focus on the differentiators that tie Muy’Ono Resorts together.

The Solution: The Muy'Ono Resorts: So Real, It's Unreal" Campaign

After weeks of research, competitor evaluation, focus groups, and conversations with the client, Delicious Digital landed on a campaign tagline: Time to stop scrolling and start living. Muy'Ono Resorts: so real, it’s unreal." The marketing team then developed a series of videos, emails, social posts, landing pages, and digital ads to share this campaign with the target market.

Delicious Digital decided a series utilizing the slogan “so real, it’s unreal” was the best way to highlight the six differentiators of a Muy’Ono Resort. The series was showcased on organic social media with bi-weekly videos and supplemental posts. Each quarter, an email was sent to our subscribers recapping the last few months of the “so real, it’s unreal” content.

Each Real Campaign “episode” highlighted a unique aspect of the client’s offering and directly connected to one of their brand values. Videos such as “Real Ingredients” and “Real Impact” showcased the sustainability and philanthropy initiatives shared by all Muy’Ono Resorts, while content like “Real Romance” and “Real Adventure” showcased the local culture and created “wow” for the guests.

Complimentary social ads were created to pair with the organic posts, utilizing the best-performing videos and custom content. A landing page was created to invite guests into the world of Muy’Ono Resorts and start to showcase the individual resorts that make up the brand.

The marketing team wanted customers to feel confident they will have a real, authentic experience at whichever Muy’Ono Resort they choose to visit. Ad copy such as “stop scrolling, start living” and imagery showing the subject stepping out of a cell phone screen helped to further this feeling.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, any additional promotions and sales were incorporated into the same theme of “so real, it’s unreal.” This included their Black Friday sale. The team wove this sale into the campaign with an altered tagline: “The biggest sale of the year is here. It's so real, it's unreal.” This resulted in one of Muy’Ono Resorts’ most profitable sales ever.

Delicious Digital measured customer awareness by evaluating increases in website traffic to, referral traffic from to each resort website, @muyonoresorts social media followers and engagement, the organic search volume of Muy’Ono Resorts, and mentions of Muy’Ono Resorts on individual resort review sites.

The Focus:

  • Increase resort brand awareness
  • Stand out from the competition & highlight differentiators
  • Increase traffic to the Muy'Ono Resorts website
  • Increases social media followers & engagement
  • Increase resort reviews on travel websites
  • Grow bookings & sales

The Results: 26% Increase in Avg. Monthly Website Traffic

Through this campaign, Delicious Digital Marketing increased average monthly website traffic to by 26% YOY, beating our goal by 6%. This was done without an increase in ad spend, due in large part to organic search increasing 117% YOY and lower CPC on ads. Delicious Digital also increased returning visitors by 128% YOY and the time visitors spent on pages increased by an average of 41%. There were very few website updates during this time, so the statistical changes were primarily due to attracting the right target market to the website.

Delicious Digital increased average monthly referrals to individual resort websites from by an incredible 562% YOY, blowing our original goal out of the water. This confirms that the team reached the correct target market of individual travelers who were interested in a vacation in Belize and ready to go to the next step of choosing a resort.

With a comprehensive theme and consistent messaging, 7 of the 10 Real Campaign videos received over 7,000 views on Instagram, a more than 600% increase from any previous videos posted. On YouTube, the channel received over 39,000 views over that time period, up 457% from the previous year and 387% from the previous 4-month period. One of the episodes quickly became the client’s highest viewed video of all time with over 23,000 views on that episode alone.

On social media, Muy'Ono saw a steady gain of followers on Instagram with a reach increasing 107% (averaging 78,440 accounts per week). Their engaged users were up by 183%, and profile visits were up 245%, with website visits from the profile jumping 477%. On Facebook, they saw similar results with page engagement up 222% and impressions up 360%. Muy'Ono saw overall success in expanded brand recognition on both platforms with an increase in tags of @muyonoresorts when also tagging an individual resort.