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Case Study:

How Blurred Vines doubled sales revenue with Delicious Digital

Blurred Vines complex business model required a specialized reservation system that caused a negative customer experience. Delicious Digital Marketing evaluated various solutions prior to developing a plan to lower the barrier to entry, increase awareness, and ultimately increase reservations.

Blurred Vines
June 13, 2023
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Who Are They

Blurred Vines is a wine club and tasting room in East Austin. The wine is sourced from small production wineries, primarily on the west coast. The brand prides itself on creating a fun and educational atmosphere to enjoy incredible wine at reasonable price points. 


Blurred Vines came into the Austin wine scene with a splash. Business was looking great after a sold out Grand Opening party and tasting reservations booked up every night for the next week. But after the buzz wore off, reservations stalled. It’s located in an unassuming building with minimal signage. Upon opening, reservations were required to enter the space.

The complexity of the business model created the need for a special reservations system. Unfortunately, that system was extremely dated. 

Delicious Digital evaluated the current marketing strategies and felt that a technology change would have the biggest impact on sales. Brand awareness was strong and customer’s were definitely interested, so why weren’t they making a reservation?

We then reviewed the customer experience and evaluated the business model requirements. After speaking to a few focus groups, we found that customers were having difficulty using the reservations system, didn’t trust it, and didn’t feel comfortable paying for their entire tasting fee upfront. However, the business model required a specific software that only had a few integration options.


After comparing reservation platforms that would integrate with the client’s software, Delicious Digital decided to recommend Tock. Tock provided a well-known interface that instilled trust in the customer. It also allowed for a deposit to be taken instead of the entire cost of the tasting. This lowered the barrier to entry and helped increase the perceived value of the experience. 

In order to communicate this change to customers, Delicious Digital created a digital campaign that created awareness and educated customers on how to make a reservation. From social media posts to email blasts to digital ads, we communicated that Blurred Vines was now on Tock. 


In the month following the launch of the Tock x Blurred Vines awareness campaign:

  • Sales revenue doubled month over month
  • Website traffic increased by 76% month over month
  • Social media followers increased by 42% month over month