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Muy’Ono Resorts Pandemic Response Campaign

Delicious Digital helped Muy'Ono Resorts get a 6,000% ROI through the “Book Now, Belize Later” campaign.

Muy’Ono Resorts
June 13, 2023
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The Challenge:

When COVID-19 hit, Muy’Ono Resorts were shut down indefinitely. Swarmed with customers asking for refunds and no new reservations coming in, it was time to get creative to save the business. 

Our idea was simple, provide an integrated “Something To Look Forward To” marketing campaign and end with a “Book Now, Belize Later” vacation package deal. No one knew when they could travel again, but Muy’Ono Resorts provided a way to still look forward to travel.

No one knew when they could travel again, but Muy’Ono Resorts provided a way to still look forward to travel. “Book Now, Belize Later” offered guests the ability to pre-purchase discounted 5-night vacations redeemable at various Muy’Ono Resorts for the next two years. By providing the thing travelers needed most - flexibility - Muy’Ono Resorts was able to create demand when it seemed impossible. 

The Solution: The Muy'Ono Resorts: “Book Now, Belize Later” Campaign

Delicious Digital Marketing took the business problem and tackled it with one of the most comprehensive, creative hotel sales campaigns to date. This idea was created when traveling was heavily restricted and many people were confined in their homes (including ourselves). 

The campaign started with an episode of “Something To Look Forward To” exclusively distributed to past guests, subscribers, and social media followers. It showcased the amazing Belize Barrier Reef and gave Muy’Ono Resorts’ community its first reason to look forward to Belize. For weeks following, we released episode after episode, produced in-house purely by reusing video content. We added in recipes to try at home, playlists from the resort bars, and fun interviews with team members. We focused on creating a bond and a true sense of looking forward to visiting Belize. 

After three months of a strong integrated marketing campaign, we released the “Book Now, Belize Later” promotion. This was a unique promotion offering the ability to pre-purchase a vacation without deciding when you’re going or where you’re staying. Guests purchased a voucher for a 5-night stay and had two years to redeem and decide which Muy’Ono Resort they’d like to stay at. 

We launched the campaign in partnership with influencers we’d worked with for Muy’Ono Resorts over the past two years. The influencers provided quotes on why they were looking forward to Belize and shared the promotion to their followers. We then ran ads on various social media platforms to increase exposure further. To add to the excitement, the first 50 customers also received a “Belize At Home” kit full of branded merchandise, local hot sauce, specialized recipes, and sustainable travel items. 

The Focus: 

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Merchandise
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design
  • Video + Photo
  • Promotions

The Results: 6,000% ROI

The “Book Now, Belize Later” promotion was a resounding success and provided a 6000% return on the investment. (Yeah, that number’s right.) It also provided an incredible amount of positive customer feedback, tons of new social media followers, and increased brand awareness.